My personal experience was been anything but what some might call, "a linear trajectory". My first position out of school took me to Hong Kong and into China. There, I learned all about production and how overseas factories work. It was a wealth of knowledge to receive at such a young age. I was only 21 and here I was travelling to China 3-4 times out of the year serving as Art Director creating holiday decor and decorations. It's been 15 years since I first began my career. Thats was just the beginning. Since then, my penchant for art, design, and products has taken me into both product, graphic and retail design. Extensive tradeshow experiences and knowledgable in production management, I have found I want to relate directly to the consumer. I founded SAN HACHI in 2006 as a small freelance venture and It has carried on and grown steadily as my career has advanced. Adventurous, ambitious and a driven passion for all things design, I'm always looking forward to my next collaboration.  


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Highland Ave. Newark, NJ United States